RPL Specificity Profile 2Glycoproteins / Glycoforms

All RPL products display a poly-histidine tag enabling simple detection using standard conjugated anti-his detection antibodies negating a requirement for in vitro labeling (e.g. biotinylation). Advantages of RPLs

GlycoSeLect has developed a range of RPL products exhibiting specificity and high affinity for a range of glycan epitopes displaying terminal galactose and mannose (including high mannose structures).

RPL Products

RPLs for additional glycan targets are currently under development. These include RPLs with specificity for sialic acid, fucose and N-acetylglucosamine. For more information or if you are interested in the development of end user specific RPLs please Contact Us.

Under Development


Products are available in a range of pack sizes and can be supplied in large quantities (grams) if required. For more information please  Contact Us

RPL Specificity Profile 1: Neoglycoproteins


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