​​​​​GlycoSeLect Ltd Featured in the Irish Times - 5th October 2015

Centre for Process Innovation   Press Release

GSL UK  Announces  Establishment of a

New Research Laboratory in South Tees Bio-Incubator - 10th August 2016

Robert Dunne (CEO) speaks to Olive Keogh about GlycoSeLect's exciting new technology thats enables more efficient analysis and purification of glycosylated biomolecules which include the majority of biopharmaceutical products.

​​KBI  BioPharma  Inc.  and  Enterprise  Ireland  Invest  in  Irish  Biotechnology Separations Company, GlycoSeLect Ltd., to Complete its Seed Funding Round.

Equity investment in initial funding round, license agreement and development project.

​​​​​​GlycoSeLect Ltd Featured in Silicone Republic Article - 20th January 2017

Dublin, Ireland and Durham, North Carolina, USA

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GlycoSeLect Ltd Completes 450K Seed Funding Round​ - 24th October 2017

South Tees Bio-Incubator          Press Release

​​​£248,000 to develop high-throughput glycosylation assay for biopharmaceutical products     


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​​​​​​​​GlycoSeLect Announces Investment & Development Partnership with KBI Biopharma - 22nd May 2016

​​​​​GlycoSeLect in Consortium Led by Glythera Wins Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst Funding  - 27th July 2015