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About GlycoSeLect Ltd

GlycoSeLect Ltd is an early-stage BioTechnology company developing proprietary next-generation, highly specific and cost-efficient tools for the analysis, characterisation and purification of biotherapeutics. Spun-out from Dublin City University in 2013, GlycoSeLect specialises in the development of RPLs; enhanced glycoselective bioaffinity proteins that enable efficient detection, analysis and selective isolation of glycosylated biomolecules. GlycoSeLect’s current family of RPLs target a range of galactose and mannose glycoprofiles and are associated with market leading properties, including high affinity for glycan targets, high sensitivity of detection, high stability and robustness. 

GlycoSeLect UK Ltd was established in 2015 to support further development, provide wider geographic reach and drive commercialisation


About Centre for Process Innovation

The Centre for Process Innovation is a UK-based technology innovation centre and part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult. We use applied knowledge in science and engineering combined with state of the art development facilities to enable our clients to develop, prove, prototype and scale up the next generation of products and processes.

Our open innovation model enables clients to develop products and prove processes with minimal risk. We provide assets and expertise so our customers can demonstrate the process before investing substantial amounts of money in capital equipment and training. New products and processes can be shown to be feasible; on paper, in the lab and in the plant before being manufactured at an industrial scale.

By utilising our proven assets and expertise companies can take their products and processes to market faster. There is no down time in production as all of the process development is completed offsite and our technology transfer and engineering teams can help companies to transfer the product or process into full scale production at speed.



                                                 Robert Dunne, CEO                              

                                                 Tel: + 353 (0 ) 87 790 2652

​                                                 Dr. Natasha Lethbridge 

                                                 Tel: +44 (0) 1325 376  813

​​CPI has contributed its expertise in biotherapeutics to support an Innovate UK funded project focused on developing and integrating novel recombinant prokaryotic lectins (RPLs) into a biosensor-based platform. 

GlycoSeLect team is pleased to share the news that CPI used GSL RPL technology and ForteBio biosensor technology to create a rapid and high throughput innovative glycan analysis platform. The technology aims to reduce cost and speedup product development in the field of biotherapeutics. The platform is robust, reproducible and highly specific for analyzing glycosylation profile. The platform can be used during the development and manufacturing process of the biotherapeutics. 

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​CPI Supports GlycoSeLect to Develop High Throughput Glycan Analysis Platform for Biotherapeutics 


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